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Gas Saver System
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    1. MIG Flow Rates INFO

    2. Flow Rate Limiter INFO

    3. GSS INFO

    4. GSS Installation Options

    5. Spool Gun Wastes Significant Gas

    6. GSS Product Overview (short description)

    7. How Gas Saver System Works

    8. Gas Waste Documentation

    9. One Page Gas Saver System Summary (additional details)

    10. Gas Saver Sales Literature Includes Product Explanation

    11. Gas Saving Results From  Fabrication Shops

    12. Gas Saver System Video

    13. Gas Saving Tip of the Month

    14. Production Test Results

      1. Partial User List

    15. Installation of GSS

      1. If Only a Gas Hose is Exiting Your Welder or Feeder

      2. Use of GSS on TIG Welder

    16. WA Technology President's Verbal Message

    17. Gas Saving Tools for Industry

    18. Gas Saving Tools for  Home Shop

    19. Gas Saver System Technical Information

      1. Information on GSS (index of additional information)

      2. Gas Waste Problem

      3. Gas Waste Versus Hose Pressure

      4. WA Technology Solutions

      5. Why Gas Pressures Are High in Regulator/Flowmeter Systems

      6. Why is MIG Gas Hose a Wasteful 1/4 Inch ID?

      7. Why Simple Orifices Mounted at Feeder Don't Work

      8. Technical Reasons For Gas Waste or "Roll Over Bernoulli"

    1. Calculate Gas Waste

    2. Simplified Gas Waste Calculations

    3. Gas Cost % of Total Weld Cost

    4. Payback Estimates

    5. Weld Start Quality Improvements with Gas Saver System

    6. Charpy Impact Property Variations

    7. More Elaborate Devices Don't Work

    8. Patent PDF Downloads

    9. MIG Flow Rate Chart

  1. Flow Rate Limiter and Lock for Flowmeters (Pipeline or Cylinder)

    1. Purchase Flow Rate Limiter with Details

    2. Flow Rate Limiter Overview

    3. Reducing Flow Rate Limiter Allowable Flow Range

  2. Global Environment

    1. Gas Waste in China is 4 times Higher than USA

    2. Go GREEN

    3. Helium Shortage

  3. Orifice Flow Control for Pipeline Supplied Shielding Gas Purchase

    1. Why Orifices Mounted at Wire Feeder Don't Work

    2. Variations in Pipeline Gas Supply Pressure Cause Flow Variations

  4. Training

    1. Purchase Training and Technical Material

    2. Weld Schools-Savings Idea

    3. School Gas Saving Idea (From a School Instructor)

    4. Welding Math for Students

    5. Reading a Ruler

    6. Calculate Weld Metal Volume Needed

    7. Effective Weld Heat Input

    8. Optimizing Shielding Gas Use Learning Program

    9. Understanding and Setting MIG Flow Rates

    10. Lean Welding Manufacturing Background

    11. Leak Detection

  5. Cable and Hose Cover and PLASMIT Torch Protector Purchase

  6. Welding Wire Problems

    1. Purchase Wire Solutions; "DRY WIPES" & "MUD FLAPS"

    2. Problems Defined

    3. Wire Solutions

    4. Dirty Wire Test

    5. Install "MUD FLAP"

    6. "Magnetic Copper"

    7. Mechanical Solutions

  7. Consulting Services

    1. WA Technology Services Overview

    2. Value of Consultants

    3. Services Capabilities and Background

    4. Welding Process Selection and Troubleshooting Consulting Service

    5. Shielding Gas Waste Assessment Service

    6. Submerged Arc Welding in Pipe mills Consulting

    7. Electroslag Welding Consulting

    8. Pipemill Consulting

    9. Submerged Arc Weld Hard Spots, Causes and Cures

    10. Arc Blow

    11. MultiWire Sub Arc Welding

    12. Arc Straightening

  8. About the Company

    1. Company Overview

    2. Capabilities and Background

    3. Technical Presentations

  9. Other Welding Information

  10. Contact Us & Privacy Policy

  11. History of These Welding Processes:

    1. Welding History

    2. MIG (GMAW) Welding (+ 4 pages)

    3. Submerged Arc Welding (+5 pages)

    4. TIG History

    5. Electroslag Welding

    6. Friction Stir Welding

  12. Car Buffs

  1. Special GSS for Small MIG Welders

  2. WARNING: Weld Safely

  3. Welding 4130

    1. Welding 4130 Technical Details

    2. Welding 4130 Cooling Curve Calculations

    3. Welding Heat Treated High Strength 4130

    4. Metallurgical Definitions

    5. HY 130 is Superior to 4130

  4. Welding Race Cars

  5. Richard Petty Video

  6. Home Shop

  7. Misc

18. Video's

  1. Why Gas Waste

  2. Reduce MIG Shielding Gas Waste-8 min

  3. Reduce MIG Shielding Gas Waste-4 min

  4. Reduce MIG Shielding Gas Waste-90 sec

  5. Setting MIG Flow Rates

  6. Why High Pressure is Needed

  7. Why Simple Orifices Don't Work

  8. What Users Say About GSS

  9. Welders Rap On Gas

  10. Welding Races Cars

  11. Welding: GO Green

  12. Rat Rods-Then and Now

  13. Engineering A Street Rod-  Overview

  14. Engineering A Street Rod- Engine

  15. Engineering A Street Rod- Holley Carb

  16. Engineering A Street Rod- Engine Cooling

  17. Engineering A Street Rod- Chassis

  18. Engineering A Street Rod- Wiring

  19. Engineering A Street Rod- Body

  20. Welding 4130 Chrome Moly

  21. Science of MIG Shielding Gas Flow Control

  22. Welding Math-Shielding Gas Flow Part 1

  23. Welding Math-Shielding Gas Flow Part 2

  24. Pulsed MIG Reduces Welding Fumes

  25. MIG Shielding Gas Flow Settings Chart

  26. Check Gas Pressure & Demonstrate Gas Waste

  27. Demonstrate Gas and Solve Gas Waste

  28. Rising Shielding Gas Prices

  29. Set Shielding Gas Flow