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Lean Welding Manufacturing Tools

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Our Lean Welding Manufacturing Tools, "Optimizing Shielding Gas Use and Eliminating Waste"

Part Number WAT-LWM-SG;

Provides a comprehensive approach to allow a:


Lead Welder


Welding Foreman


Welding Supervisor


Welding or Manufacturing Engineer

To understand MIG shielding gas waste and why excess flow rates decrease weld quality.

To measure and plot gas use by machine and overall use compared to wire use.

To calculate gas leaks in pipeline and gas hoses

You'll receive a 7 Module Learning Program that includes:


Over 70 pages of easy to read bullet points, figures, graphs and tables.

             -- Each page includes notes that help explain key points.


What flow levels to set and why.


Sufficient information to allow key personnel to understand the problems associated with gas waste.


Training material they can use to educate all welders.


Production data showing how weld quality improved with a reduction in weld start surge.


Simple methods to assure sustainability of your savings provided.


A quick method to check gas flow rates at the welding torch and compare torch gas flows with those on a gas flowmeter or flowgauge.


Example tables showing ways the data can be recorded and maintained.


Information on why torch and flow gauge flow rates will be different. If significantly different, possible reasons and solutions are provided.  The loss could cause poor welds.


A suggested approach to plot usage data each month.  This keeps the focus on gas waste problems and monitors results for each welding machine. 


A method of preparing an Excel Spreadsheet is provided that can be used to quantify the leak rate in a pipeline and gas hoses.


Examples of gas usage and savings are provided and explained.


Ways to check gas leaks are outlined.  Why leaking gas out means air and moisture are leaking back in!

Shop Gas Usage:

In addition to plotting data for each MIG welding machine, information on using a simple technique to check the shops total gas usage is provided. 


With two pieces of information from purchasing (easily obtained from your suppliers)  can be  compared with benchmark data provided.  A technique to calculate a 3 month moving average is shown.  The reason for using this statistical approach is defined. 


A technique of plotting gas usage divided by wire usage is outlined and explained. This simple plot will quickly show when excess gas is being used.  When the ratio changes it will raise a red flag.


Did you know a 0.035 inch diameter size leak in a 50 psi gas pipeline or hose can cost you over $14,000/year.  You'll learn why.  Fixing one such leak will provide a two week payback of the Lean Welding Manufacturing Tools program !


Module Titles

Module 1 - How to Use the Learning Program

Module 2 - Reasons for Gas Waste
Module 3 - Reasons for Gas Surge At Weld Start
Module 4 - Solution To Excess Start Gas Surge

Module 5 - Setting Proper Gas Flow Rates

Module 6 - Gas Leaks and Solutions

Module 7 - Additional Information on Leaks


Lean Welding Manufacturing -Shielding Gas Learning Program can be purchased  as PDF  format in a download to you computer.  The PDF file is opened using Adobe's free PDF reader.  If a printed version is desired it is easy to make from the PDF File following copyright terms.  The price was established with the shipping and handling charges that will be automatically added to the order.

"Understanding and Setting MIG Gas Flow Rates"  Part # WAT-UGF

A Simpler Program is Available Designed for Welders Includes:

Reducing gas waste and improving weld start quality

This Self Study Learning Program is Easy to Follow...

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