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This book is out of print and was replaced with a shortened version with a title "Weld Like A Pro."
But it was so popular welding schools were using it as a great reference. Check Amazon and you'll see mostly 5 Start ratings. This Review by a student was interesting:

Lots of information of different methods of welding. But for those talking Welding 160 (Prof Roberts), I advise you to avoid buying this book because it is missing a chapter called "Thermal Cutting" which is part of a homework assignment and that chapter is removed from this updated book.

Amazon Sellers have new versions in stock for sale BUT price is over $75! You can still get a new copy for the original price and IF REQUESTED the Author will sign it!

Note, No Longer in Print;
Amazon has NEW ones for ~$79!
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:With Purchase of Our, 8 1/2 in x 11in, 176 Page Book:
"Advanced Automotive Welding"

Author: Jerry Uttrachi (President of WA Technology)

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News - 2014

"Advanced Automotive Welding"

For his book, "Advanced Automotive Welding," author Jerry Uttrachi, wins prestigious Bronze Metal at the "22nd International Automotive Media Competition" held by the International Council for Press and Broadcasting, based in London England


  1. Purchase 176 page book, Part # AAWB and receive FREE, a "CLICK a Free PDF copy of the 32 page archive publication "Science of Arc Welding. PDF's delivered by email; NO NEED to order.

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Book Details:

This 176 page book with 450 high quality pictures, is published on quality, glossy paper by a leading automotive book company, CarTech .  It presents advanced welding topics, covering all welding processes and discusses the benefits of modern welding equipment and techniques. 

Make the transition to a professional welder status by improving skills and understanding the science of welding.  It is of value to someone who already has some welding skill and for those who just purchased a MIG welder and want to understand how its performance and capability compare with other welding processes.  It is also useful for someone considering welding as a profession since it covers advanced topics and most welding and cutting processes used in industry.

Welding Mild Steel, Chrome-Moly Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum are covered in detail.   An overview of welding Titanium and Magnesium is also presented.

Review by a Race Car Builder:

Dear Jerry:
Thank you for the wonderful book that you wrote.  The content is possibly one of the best written and cogently assembled pieces of welding instruction that I've ever read.

I have literally dozens of books on welding that span a good 5 or 6 decades. Some of the better ones were written back in the 40's for training the wartime workers. It's amazing to me that it took over 60 years for a book to be published that is comprehensive and comprehendible that explains in everyday language, the latest techniques in the welding arts and sciences. The coverage of the subject was more complete than I have ever seen. This is a classic, and sure to be a benchmark reference book for years to come.

I have recommended the book to my membership at the website and continue to promote it wherever I go.

I know that ADVANCED AUTOMOTIVE WELDING will be a huge success, and we are honored to have been a small part of it. Please don't hesitate to call if there is every anything that we can do for you.

Jim Harvey
HRE Fabrication
Levittown, NY 11756

Review by Editors of Hemmings Motor News; August 2012

"Advanced Automotive Welding" by Jerry Uttrachi

Welding is a hot topic in the hobby these days.  For less than $500 a do-it-yourselfer can purchase a good quality welder and start laying beads or zapping in spot welds.

This kind of accessibility to a once specialized skill is excellent for the hobby, and we encourage everyone with an interest to learn to weld.  Just as important as buying the gear, however, is getting versed in the many different processes, techniques and materials used in all types of welding.  A class at a local welding school or a community college is a good place to start, as is the purchase of a book like Advanced Automotive Welding, part of Car Tech’s SA Design series.

Despite the “Advanced” in the title, the book is a good resource for beginning and intermediate welders.  The author, Jerry Uttrachi, is a former American Welding Society President, with 40 years of welding experience, as well as a car enthusiast, and he writes in a clear, mostly jargon free style.

The book covers all welding processes, as well as cutting processes, and includes insight into some car related welding projects.  Advanced Automotive welding is a good addition to any budding or experienced metal worker’s shelf.

Download PDF Overview of the Book with Contents Page and Several Pictures from Each Chapter.


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