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 Our Patented Gas Saver System (GSSTM)  and  Patented Flow Rate Limiter and Lock  (FRLLHave Quick Paybacks for Industrial Shops.


The following are quick calculations with more detailed information below showing how to use your own cost/payback data.

NOTE: If paying more than $50 for a cylinder of shielding gas the GSS will pay for itself in about 2 cylinders and improve weld starts!

Conservative Assumptions Used:

Cost of MIG Shielding Gas = $5/100 cubic feet


Note: If using CO2 there are 8.74 CF/lb of CO2

Lbs of Wire Deposited per Welding Hour = 6 lbs per hour:


On average a MIG welder deposits 8 lb/hr of wire or more.  6 lbs/hr is a conservative assumption.

Typical Arc Time per Work Day = Conservative 30% Used


 Therefore  8 work hrs/day x 30% = 2,4 hours per day x 5 days = 12 hours per week of actual arc on time. 

Cubic Feet of Gas /Lb of wire = 20 CF Gas/lb of wire used. 


30 CF of gas /lb of wire was quoted by a Praxair engineer in a published article as being their shop survey findings.   This is  supported by a second article in the Fabricator Magazine.  We find it varies from 20 to over 30+ CF/lb of wire.  These calculations use a conservative 20 CF/lb.

Crunching the Numbers for a GSS: 


6 lbs/hr wire deposition x 12 hrs/week of arc on time = 72 lbs wire used/week/welder. 


20 CF of Shielding Gas used/lb wire = 20 CF X 72 lbs wire/week = 1440 CF gas/week/welder.


Gas Cost = $5/100 CF or $5 x 1440/100 = $72/week (If using cylinders gas cost is much higher)


Typical Shielding Savings Reported by our customers varies from 40 to 50+% (note some report a 60% savings)


Using 40% the savings will be $72/week gas cost X 40% savings with GSS = $29 Gas Savings/week


Assume the GSS  needed is 25 feet long.  A 25 foot GSS cost $115.  Payback is $115/$29 savings =  <4 weeks. 


Crunching the Numbers for a FRLL: 

A patented Flow Rate Limiter and Lock can save even more if you find welders have the flow ball pinned to the top of the flow tube.

The Flow Rate Limiter and Lock sells for under $50

Assume the same 40% savings and therefore the savings = $29/week


Payback = $50 Cost/$29 Savings/week / = 2 Weeks!

Neither product has any wear parts or needs any adjustment.  They will delivery cost savings year after year.

To maintain focus on Saving NOT Selling shielding gases our patented products are NOT available in "Stores" - - as the saying goes!

You can purchase directly from our site.  We manufacture the product all from US made components like our custom extruded, very heavy wall  hose and CGA brass fittings with a special peak flow limiting orifice.  CLICK on the picture to go to the GSS Purchase Page..

You can place orders with a credit card using PayPal or email for other options.

Detailed Estimated Payback For:

  1. Gas Saver System

  2. Flow Rate Limiter


CLICK Picture for Details of FRL

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Why MIG Shielding Gas Waste?

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What Users Say About GSS


What % of Total Welding Cost is Shielding Gas? 

It Could Be as High as 30%!!



The shielding Gas Saver System (GSSTM) costs about the same or less than a Heavy Duty standard gas delivery hose (SEE NOTE 1)  When your adding a new welder, the decision to purchase a GSS is an easy one - - "JUST DO IT" !

If your using any Helium in your gas mixture the "Just Do It" approach works for any situation!  Just replace all you gas delivery hoses before you get a 80% of last years usage allocation!  It's in short supply and is finite resource it doesn't come from the air!

When replacing an existing 12 foot or 25 foot gas delivery hose with a  GSS the tables below provide an estimate of the weeks it will take to payback the investment:


Estimated Payback in Weeks for a 12 foot GSS Purchase (note 2)                              


Price Paid for Shielding Gas

$ / 100 ft3 $2.00 $5.00 $10.00 $15.00
= $ / ft3 $0.02 $0.05 $0.10 $0.15

% Arc Time  Welder is Used (note 3)

30% 10 4 3 2
40% 7 3 2 1
50% 6 2 1 1

Number of Weeks to Payback Shown In Green


Estimated Payback in Weeks for a 25 foot GSS Purchase (note 2)    


Price Paid for Shielding Gas

$/100 ft3 $2.00 $5.00 $10.00 $15.00
= $/ft3 $0.02 $0.05 $0.10 $0.15

% Arc Time  Welder is Used (note 3)

30% 12 5 3 2
40% 9 4 2 1
50% 7 3 2 1

Number of Weeks to Payback Shown In Green

Installing New Welding Machines?  The GSS may be less expensive than a quality conventional Gas Delivery Hose!  See Notes Below for Comparison.

  1. Retail Price Comparison of fitted GSS compared with Heavy Duty fitted gas hose from a major welding manufacturer (Brand name and part numbers available on request), The Heavy Duty hose was selected for comparison rather than cheap vinyl hose since it at least has fiber reinforced, abrasion resistant construction like the GSS hose, even though it provides none of the gas waste or surge reduction benefits.  The GSS  hose also has a better OD to ID size ratio than conventional hoses providing greater resistance to restriction when the hose is subjected to crushing, pinching or being stepped on.


    * Brand name 12 1/2 foot HD prefitted hose = $63.10 (no gas saving  or weld quality benefits)

    * GSS 12 foot prefitted hose =  $65.00  (Slightly higher but payback is very quick)


    * Brand name 25 foot HD prefitted hose = $114.30 (no gas saving or weld quality benefits!)

    * GSS 25 foot prefitted hose = < $110.00  (The GSS is less expensive "Just Do It!" -Want Brand Name, Part Number? Email

  1. Very Conservative Assumptions used in calculations:

    * Shielding gas savings estimated at only 25% when all reported results are between 30 to 63%

    * Gas usage assumed to be 2 1/2 times theoretical with published data showing a range from  2 1/2 to 5 times is what is used in industry

    * Flow rate set for 35 CFH

    * One shift operation and 40 hour work week.

    * Price of GSS based on 12 & 25 foot systems as noted; however longer hoses waste more gas which usually offsets their higher price.

    * Short welds and/or the use of many tack welds will  increase waste reduction  beyond 25%, decreasing payback time.

    * Reduced time to change cylinders not included in calculations.

    *All weekly payback values rounded up to higher number.

  1. % Arc Time = amount of time in a work day welding is actually occurring versus the 8 hour work day -- stated as a percentage.


Other Cost Savings also result from  fewer cylinders being used over a fixed period of time.    A recent article by a manufacturer of shielding gases defined the benefits of using what is referred to as Microbulk gas distribution. It commented on the extra cost associated with cylinder use. 

One cost benefit defined was less cylinder handling. It mentioned cylinder handling can result in 20 minutes of extra labor per change-out. It also mentioned each cylinder often has residual gas left in it, up to 20%.  That is gas paid for and not used.  

If the GSS reduces gas usage by 50% these cost for these items will also be cut in half.

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Conservative Payback Calculations for Flow Rate Limiter

For Both:

WAT-FRL (Without Lock) &

WAT-FRLL (With Lock)

  1. Work week = 40 hours for 1 shift
  2. Welding has 40% duty cycle; i.e. arc is on 40% of the time
  3. Shielding Gas Flow Desired = 35 ft3/hr
  4. Without Flow Rate Limiter flow is set 15 ft3/hr higher than needed or at 50 ft3/hr.
  5. Shielding gas cost $5.00/100CF = $0.05/ ft3

Gas Waste Calculation:

Waste = (50 ft3/hr - 35 ft3/hr) x 40 hr/week x 40% arc-on-time x $0.05/ ft3 = $12.00/week gas waste per welder

Payback for WAT-FRL = $35.00 unit cost / $12.00/week savings = 2.9 weeks Payback

Payback for WAT-FRLL = $47.50 unit cost / $12.00/week savings = 3.9 weeks Payback

BOTTOM LINE-With Average Assumptions, Payback is Less Than 1 Month


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