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A Lean Manufacturing Principle states "Most of the Waste in Manufacturing is Invisible." 

That Sure Fits "Shielding Gas Waste, in More Ways Than One!"

Our "Self Study Leaning  Programs" help with understanding basic welding process control, how to reduce shielding gas waste and assist in solving welding problems.


Part # WAT



 Learning Program for Welders

"Understanding and Setting MIG Flow Rates"

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"Lean Welding Manufacturing- Shielding Gas"  Learning Program

(For Welding Supervisors & Welding Engineers)

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 Learning Program for Welders and Welding Students

"Welding Math and Science"

plus, Free Tech Paper

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"Advanced Automotive Welding"
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Free Archive Tech Paper and Free Knife




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Self Study Learning Program Available  - -

Designed for Welders


"Understanding and Setting MIG Gas Flow Rates"  Part # UGF


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Summary and Outline

"Lean Welding Manufacturing -Shielding Gas" Learning Program

Part # LWM-SG

for welding supervisors, foreman, robotic technicians, and engineers 

Download FREE Outline: PDF

Self Study Learning Program

"Welding Math and Science;" Part # WMS

This 87 page program provides basic information to help welding students and welding supervisors understand welding process characteristics using math and science.  Includes and Appendix with subjects like Reading a Ruler and Basic Math Functions CLICK to See Program Details

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