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Learn Welding Math and Science

To Help Welding Students and Welders Who Want To Learn Welding Science This Self Study Program is NOW FREE, Jusr Clibk on Link Below "Purchase Traing programs" and get a FREE Download


“Self Study” Leaning Program, (WAT-WMS) for Welders, Welding Students, Welding Supervisors.

Presents Welding Math and Science information to better understand welding processes, improve weld quality and assist in troubleshooting welding problems

Eight Module, 88 Page Program; Includes Detailed Appendix:

Module 1: Overview, How to Use Program

Module 2: Calculating Weld Metal Volume & Weight

Module 3: Why MIG Wire Melts?

Module 4: Gas pressure/Volume/Flow

Module 5: Setting MIG Flow Rates

Module 6: Weld Cooling Rates

Module 7: Basic Metallurgy

  --Welding 4130 Chrome-Moly

Module 8: Charpy Impact Variations Explained

Module 9: Appendix

  --Reading a Ruler

  --Common Metric Welding Conversions & Proper Rounding

  --Dimensional Analysis

  --Basic Math Functions, Symbols & Algebra



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