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The MUD FLAP  keeps the wire on a spool or coil clean.  It is 3 1/2 inches wide by 37 inches long. and installs easily with  Velcro strips supplied.  See How To Install      See Testimonial on Benefits

The DRY WIPE cleans the wire surface. The Holder (black) retains one DRY WIPE, five are shown.  The DRY WIPE has a slit that goes to the center which is slipped over the welding wire.  To See How To Use and  Install Click Here
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MUD FLAPTM, Wire Cover with Strap

Only Yellow Available

MFLP See Photo A Above $    20.00

DRY WIPETM, KIT: 2 Holders + 25 Replacement Wipes

Only One Left, Discontinued After Sold

DW25H See Photo B Above $    20.00

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The Mud Flaps Work Great!!!

Arctech Fabricators is in the welding and fabricating business in Springfield Ohio.  After purchasing Mud Flaps for all their MIG welders, they Emailed and said:  “The Mud Flaps work great!!!  In addition to keeping the wire clean it also helped clear up a safety concern by helping shield the wire, which is (now) less exposed and helps reduce the risk of electrical shock.

They sent the photo upper left of the Mud Flap installed on one of their wire feeders.  This custom fabricator makes some elaborate, complex weldments meeting a number of fabrication codes.  One part is shown on the right.  Click on Photo to go to their Web Site.


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