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Use Item Below To Order Products Not Listed On Website We Quote Via Email (SEE NOTE)

Description of Item Part Number Price Click to Add
Special Item or Shipping Charge; Identified by Email (See Note 1)

Special Item



Note 1:  This Special Item Part Number is for a product not shown on the web site.   It requires an Email to identify the specific amount and number of items to add in the Cart. 

For example; a special length GSS could cost an additional $12.00. Therefore if identified and agreed in an email exchange we would ask that this item be placed in the Cart and the number 12 be added in the cart for quantity.



Shipping & Handling Charges.

  1. For shipments inside the continental USA the charges shown below will be added to your order.  You will see the total shipping and handling charges when you process your order.

  2. Products purchased from anywhere on our web site will be combined for shipping and handling charges.  See below.

  3. For Shipment Locations Other Than the USA, please email for shipping and handling costs.  Provide an accurate mailing address along with the list of products desired so we can properly estimate shipping costs.  Customs forms require a phone number, please send in the email.  The products will be sent DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) with taxes and duties the responsibility of the purchaser.  Assuming after our quote, you wish to purchase, we will send a PayPal Invoice for the amount defined in our email. CLICK TO EMAIL FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDER INFORMATION

Shipping and Handling Charges for USA Show Below

Total Purchase

Shipping and Handling Charge

0 to $19.99  $0.00 
$20.00 to $99.99  $9.90
$100.00 to $199.99 $16.00
$200.00 to $399.99  $18.00
Over $400  $20.00
Outside USA E-mail