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Technical Presentations

WA Technology President, Jerry Uttrachi, has given numerous technical presentations regarding Reducing Shielding Gas Waste and Improving Weld Start Quality.  He  presented a 45 minute Session at a Pipe Conference Sponsored by FMA in 2005, resulting in several customers, one purchasing 215 systems over a period of several years.

In July of 2005 he presented a summary of a technical paper entitled  "Gas Waste and Weld Start Quality Issues in Common GMAW Shielding Gas Delivery Systems and Suggested Solution,"  for the International Institute of Welding (IIW) at their 58th Annual Assembly and International Conference held in Prague, Czech Republic.  The paper was published in their proceedings.  The photo left shows him presenting a summary in IIW Commission XII. 

He was also asked to present the paper  at the International Conference held later in the week to allow all of the over 500 scientists and engineers present from all parts of the World to attend.  The information presented was very well received with positive comments about the Gas Saver System.

The theory of why shielding gas is wasted and the derivation of gas waste equations were presented.  The benefits of maintaining system pressure to provide automatic flow compensations for restrictions was covered in detail in the paper. Providing a controlled amount of extra gas at the start was discussed.  Limiting the surge flow velocity at the weld start to avoid aspirating air into the shielding gas stream was also covered.  The subtleties of starting gas flow and shielding gas waste were an issue in all parts of the World.

In 2007, as the American Welding Society President (a volunteer position,) Mr. Uttrachi gave the Keynote Speech in Technical Conferences in Peru, Denmark and South Korea.  (He also visited China, Japan, Croatia, France and the UK as the AWS ambassador and gave 20 AWS Section talks in the USA!)

Several hundred fabricators and welding researchers from around the world heard his technical presentation regarding Optimizing MIG Shielding Gas Use, Eliminating Waste and Improving Weld Start Quality.  Although it contained a bit more math than is presented on this site, the "Bottom Line" is the same all over the world.  They are wasting considerable shielding gas and not getting weld start quality that is possible! 

An interesting question was asked at one conference.  Click to see what is was and the answer!




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