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"Flow Rate Limiter" is a Patented Locking Device - Fits Most Flowmeters and Regulator/Flowmeters - You Set the Maximum Flow Setting Then Slip on Lock


Stay Within Specified (WPS) Flow Range,

Prevent Gas Waste,

Protect Shielding Stream from Air

PayBack Averages Less Than 1 Month-SEE CALCULATION



US Patent Office Grants Patent for -

WA Technology "Flow Rate Limiter"


Turbulent flow pulls air into the gas shield creating excess weld spatter and inferior weld quality.  Flow rates causing  turbulent shielding can be as low as about 40 CFH depending on nozzle size!


To Use Our "Flow Rate Limiter,"  Simply:

  1. Set maximum flow rate desired.

  2. Slip "Flow Rate Limiter" over control knob so Pin limits further flow increases.

  3. Tighten set screw with Supplied Locking Allen Wrench. (For most applications the need for an Allen wrench provides sufficient deterrent to prevent tampering with the flow setting so only model number FRL needs to be ordered.)

  4. If it is desired to prevent access to the set screw with an Allen wrench, then purchase Model FRLL. (This model includes a Locking System that blocks set screw access with a stainless blocking pin and brass lock that prevents removing the blocking pin. Note, all keys are coded the same so multiple systems all have the same locking keys.)

Full Details on Limits with Various Popular Flowmeters and Morel


See article about Texas Hydraulics shielding gas savings and weld quality improvement published in the December 2006 issue of Trailer Body Builders Magazine.  CLICK on Photo of Magazine Cover



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An Alternate Way to Set Flow If You're Using Pipeline Gas Supply.  Click to See Our Orifice system 

Our unique Replaceable Flow Orifice System allows you to select from 10 different size "Orifices" to fit you application and pipeline pressure.