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In addition to our shielding gas saving products,

WA Technology also offers Consulting and Training services. 

The following are  the specific areas:


Consulting Service for Reducing Shielding Gas Waste.

Shop surveys, welder and/or supervisor training, checking for leaks

Consulting Service for Process Selection and Welding Productivity Improvement

Process review, filler metals selection, shielding gas selection

Submerged Arc Welding of Pipe

Process support and training for pipe mills using Submerged Arc Welding

SAW "Hard Spots" Their Causes and Cures
Electroslag Welding
Process selection and limitations, process support and training
History of Consumable Guide Electroslag Welding
Aluminum Electroslag Welding

Cost of Consultants


Henry Ford Pays High Price for One Day of Consulting


Information on Welding Race Cars:
Welding 4130 Chassis's

Welding Mild Steel Chassis's

Overview of Capabilities and Background