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We provide Consulting Services to save shielding gas.  The following describes some of the ways:

Shielding Gas Savings Service

bulletProvide a survey of your shop, measure pressures and check for leaks
bulletProvide a training course for welders and/or supervisors defining suggested gas flow rates, the maximum flow rates before turbulent flow is encounter, how much flow increase can usefully be employed to counter drafts (it's not that high!), when a wind shield should be used, etc.  Purchase Technical Literature Defining Usable Flow Rates.
bulletCalculate the savings you'll achieve with a Gas Saver System.
bulletProvide practical theory on why it is very important to control torch tip-to-work distance, not only for adequate gas shielding but also to control weld penetration (an increase in tip-to-work distance of just 3/8 inches can cause a 25% reduction in penetration).  Simple equations are provided so this can be calculated.


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