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Submerged Arc Welding in Pipemills

Unique multiwire submerged arc welding systems were developed by Mr. Uttrachi for welding of gas and oil pipe and have been installed in a number of countries around the world.  The countries where this patented system was installed include: the USA, Mexico, South America, Middle East, Japan, UK, and Italy.  The system is capable of producing high quality, high speed welds without interference from defects caused by Arc Blow.  Extensive experience has been developed implementing these systems in production.  Operator training, precautions with the numerous variables can be defined.

Invented a SAW Method to weld gas and oil transmission pipe at double the then current speeds. It used ~3000 amps with all AC power to avoid arc blow. It had a specific power phasing to create a foward sweeping trail arc.



A technical Paper describing our early work was also published in The American Welding Society's Welding Journal: “Multiple Electrode Systems for Submerged Arc Welding," by G. D. Uttrachi, Welding Journal, May 1978.

Another excellent paper discussing the Installation of 11 of these systems at the Armco Pipemill in Houston Texas was also presented in The American Welding Society's Welding Journal: “Hot-Overlap Technique for Three-Electrode Submerged Arc Welding of Line Pipe,” by P.W. Ramsey, T. M. Even and G. R. Wepfer, Welding Journal, October 1972.  This mill had a unique data acquisition system installed which recorded the amperage, voltage and welding speed for all 33 electrodes!  Not an easy task with 1972 technology.  However weld results could be analyzed statistically and with corrective actions weld defect rates reduced to very low levels.

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