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As noted under Capabilities, a number of Technical Papers have been published regarding the use of multiwire-multipower submerged arc system to significantly increase welding speeds.  A summary of this work including unpublished research with a four wire AC-AC-AC-AC system has been presented at a number of conferences given for the American Welding Society and El Instituto Technologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey.

This summary includes information and practical application experience with the following submerged arc systems:

  1. DC-DC Two Wire System
  2. DC-AC Two Wire System
  3. AC-AC Two Wire System
  4. AC-AC-AC Three Wire System
  5. AC-AC-AC-AC Four Wire System


The DC-DC system operates at very high speeds but Arc Blow limits currents and therefore maximum usable plate thicknesses.


The DC-AC system is most universally employed and allows higher overall currents without the effects of Arc Blow.
To eliminate Arc Blow and provide a forward deflection on the trail arc, the AC-AC Scott system was developed in the 1950's.  It provided about 20% higher welding speeds over a DC-AC system.


A unique three wire all AC system was developed in the  1960's/1970's.  It provided weld speeds 50% greater than AC-AC.  Since Arc Blow was not a problem high currents allowed its application on thick plates.


For one side welding of ship plate to 1 1/2 inches (38mm) thick a four wire all AC system was developed.  It operates at up to 5000 amps.  With the proper power phasing ground currents could be very low reducing grounding issues usually associated with this much welding amperage.  A special arrangement was developed for this work.  A 110 page report  defining this research work is available for purchase Contact Us. Note you can pay with PayPal.  We'll mention how when we quote the price.


If you would like a copy of this multiwire presentation in the form of a technical paper, it is available for purchase. Contact Us

Note you can pay with PayPal.  We'll mention how when we quote the price.

The presentation also includes data to show AC power can actually provide more penetration  than DC since Arc Blow is not a problem and currents are not limited.