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Welding Process Selection and Troubleshooting Consulting Service

Over  Years in the welding Industry developing and implementing advanced welding processes provide ability to:

bulletDefine proper filler metal and shielding gas selection
bulletSupply a Confidential Report on an Innovative MIG Narrow Gap Welding System.  Available for a fee.
bulletProvide a Report on Rotational Spray and Hi-Dep processes, etc.  If your using manual MIG welding parameters on your arc welding robot, we can help increase welding speeds!  We can supply a report on the high wire feed speed Spray-Arc process covered by patent # 4,645,903 of which I was one of the inventors.  It will include the equipment and gas mixture needed.  Achieving 20 pounds per hour is possible with 0.045 inch diameter solid wire.  The report covers where it fits and the benefits and drawbacks.  It is available for a fee.
bulletSelection  of the correct multiwire submerged arc system to increase productivity.  Multiwire report avilable for a fee.
bulletEliminating arc blow in submerged arc welding
bulletDiscuss submeregd arc weld "Hard Spots;" their causes and prevention.
bulletProvide Information on "Welding 4130 Race Car Chassis's" or "Mild Steel Race Car Chassis"
bulletProvide information on "Arc Straightening."


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