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Using a Spool Gun?,

You may be able to reduce Shielding Gas use by more than 50% while significantly improving weld starts!!

Spool Gun Construction

Some Spool Guns (those holding  1 or 2 pound spools of wire) use a gas valve located in the torch and have a separate gas hose that can be as large as 1/4 inch ID.  An example is shown below:


This can leave up to 40 feet of large gas hose to produce gas surge  at the weld start.  That will create less than optimum starts and can cause weld start porosity or blackened weld surface.  It also wastes a great deal of gas per start.

A Company making aluminum trailers uses Miller SpoolmaticR  40 foot long Spool Guns.  They knew they were wasting shielding gas and the high start gas surge was causing weld defects. They purchased sufficient amounts of our patented Gas Saver System  hose and fittings to outfit all their welders!  Interested?

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Gas Saver System Solution

The Gas Saver System solves the starting and waste problems and will very quickly pay for itself.  You can  purchase a fitted hose with a splice connection (fitting upper left in photo below) for the Spool Gun end of the Gas Saver System hose which includes a built-in surge flow restrictor and a standard CGA 032 fitting for the gas supply end.  The existing gas delivery hose is cut 6 to 12 inches from the gun and the GSS  hose spliced in.  Then Email Length Needed

Most versions of the Miller SpoolmaticR 15A or 30A  use a small gas fitting on the gun end.   We have a special fitting that replaces the hose fitting in the gun and includes a restrictor to limit surge flow velocity (fitting on lower right of photo.)  Please E-Mail for Prices and a Description of the Kits We Offer. 



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