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Our Street Rod, shown on this web site, is significant.  The workshop where final construction occurred is where the Gas Saver System (GSS) was invented! 


Cut Shielding Gas Use in Half or More!


Improve Weld Quality/Reduce Starting Spatter By Limiting Gas Blast at Each Weld Start.

"Advanced Automotive Welding"

Author: Jerry Uttrachi
(President of WA Technology)

This 176 page book includes detailed metallurgical information about welding Chrome-Moly

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Our work shop has a large shielding gas cylinder chained to the wall.  To reduce significant gas waste and improve weld starts the GSS is employed.

Since that 1st application, thousands of the patented Gas Saver Systems are in use in industrial fabrication shops throughout the US, Canada, Turkey, Mexico, China, Chile and several other countries.  CLICK to See a Partial List of Customers

DETAILS: Having managed a Welding Research and Development Laboratory for a leading shielding gas producer, I was aware that:

  1. Shielding gas flow surge at the weld start causes inferior weld starts  by pulling air into the shielding gas stream.  With the typical 1/2 inch ID MIG Gun Nozzle used on small welders, the maximum flow providing the needed laminar, non turbulent flow is 37 CFH.  We've measured in excess of 150 CFH "Gas Blast" at weld starts with even short gas delivery hoses.  Our patented, reduced internal volume GSS  also Limits Peak Flow with a built-in orifice on the welder/feeder end. 

  2. High pressure is required to automatically maintain flow when inevitable spatter and a bent torch cable cause  flow restrictions making  low pressure devices, some have sold to reduce the gas surge, create greater and less obvious problems;

  3. Some extra gas is needed at the weld start to purge air from the weld area making simple orifices or flowmeters placed at the welder (feeder) a poor solution and causing welders to set much higher flow rates than needed;

After conducting numerous tests in our Welding Laboratory,  a simple innovative product was discovered (and patented) that solved the problems. Thus the GSS was born!  In addition to saving wasted shielding gas the GSS provides improved weld start quality.  It prevents the high gas surge flow rate by placing a peak flow limiting orifice in the welder/feeder hose end. It supplies a controlled amount of extra gas to purge air in the weld start area at a maximum velocity that avoids excess turbulence.  Click on Picture Left For Product and Purchase Details.

In addition to benefits for industrial shops, home and small shops save gas and get over twice the use from a shielding gas cylinder.   There are at least half the trips to the gas distributor to pickup a new cylinder.   With many short welds, tack welds and frequently inching the wire to cut off the end (that wastes gas like a start) even more than twice the use is possible.  More time is available to let the cylinder run low and still not find it empty when welding on a weekend!   Check Out a Video Where Home Users Comment About How the GSS Helped Them. 



Engineering a Street Rod -

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Video-Welding 4130 CrMoly



Welder Rap on Gas Video

$ave Gas, Money, Get Better Quality Weld Starts!

Have a Lincoln, Miller or Hobart Portable Welder?

If you have a Lincoln, Miller, Hobart or many other brands of US made portable 110V and 220V power input welder (or almost any industrial welder) the solution is simple.  Just replace the gas delivery hose from cylinder to welder with our GSS.   Most of these welders and supplied regulators use standard Compressed Gas Association (CGA) threaded fittings (Photo lower right shows the fitting on our standard GSS hose; FB3, FB4, FB6, FB12, FB25, or longer.) Just order the length  needed, Click for Order Page.

If you have other than a CGA gas  fitting such as on a small ID gas hose or a barb fitting on your regulator or welder, we can provide special fittings to install a GSS hose with a splice connection.  If you have a typical 1/4 or 3/16 inch hose see Installation for Details.

E-mail with details of the length of hose desired and fitting on your current hose.  We can make custom length GSS  hoses if required.




Detailed Review of GSS








Stop Wasting Shielding Gas!!


Improve Weld Start Quality


See YouTube Videos About Our

Patented MIG Shielding

"Gas Saver System" (GSS)


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Short Overview of GSS-

90 Seconds

What Users


About GSS

Welding Race Cars

Rat Rods -Then and Now


Improve MIG Weld Starts and Have Shielding Gas Cylinder Last at Least Twice as Long!  See Customer Examples Below: 

Note: To Maintain Focus on "Saving" Not Selling Shielding Gas Our Patented GSS is Not Available in "Stores"

A home shop fabricator in Georgia with a Miller TM 175 amp welder purchased a 50 foot  GSS  so he could use a larger cylinder and mount it on the wall of his shop.  He wrote:

"The system works great.  Thanks for the professional service and a great product."   Click To See His Home Shop

His brother called about a year later and purchased the same 50 foot long GSS.  He also purchased two of our Leather Cable Covers particularly to protect the 50 foot 220 volt power cord extension.


A Professional Street Rod Builder Had This to Say:

With their standard MIG welder gas delivery hose the peak shielding flow at weld start was measured at 150 CFH. That caused air to be sucked into the gas stream causing poor weld starts.  With the GSS replacing their existing hose, the peak flow surge at the weld start was about 50 CFH.  Total gas use was cut in half.

Kyle Bond, President, quickly saw the improvement achieved in weld start quality as a significant advantage!   Kyle, an excellent automotive painter, was well aware of the effects of gas surge caused by pressure buildup in the delivery hose when stopped.  He has to deal with the visible effects in the air hose lines on the spray gun in his paint booth!  The paint surge is visible and creates defects unless the gun is triggered off the part being painted!  We can’t do that with our MIG gun!  See Details of Their Shop.

Industrial Customers:

Thousands of GSS's are in use in industrial fabricators.  Click for Partial List.


MIG Gas Delivery and the Small Block Chevy Evolved in a Similar Way and Time!

 Both had Advances and Setbacks Before They Were Optimized!


Click for a PDF Report on the Similarities

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