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Perry Thomasson Purchased a 50 foot Gas Saver System For His Home Shop

Perry has a very well equipped home shop.  For a MIG welder he uses a Millermatic 175.  However the small welder cart  only held a medium size shielding gas cylinder and he wanted to reduce the number of times he had to have it filled. 

He purchased the largest cylinder his distributor offered for sale and chained it to a wall in his shop.  He needed a much longer gas delivery hose so he added a 50 foot conventional 1/4 inch ID hose.  He found he was using a great deal of gas.


He purchased a Gas Saver System (GSS) and saved a significant amount of shielding gas while improving his weld starts by reducing the starting gas surge.  Since his regulator/flowgauge had a hose barb on the output he used a splice connector we supplied him with the GSS.  He simply cut the existing gas delivery hose close to the regulator and spliced in the GSS hose.  The welder end uses a standard CGA fitting that is supplied with the system.


Perry also needed a heavy duty power cord to supply the 220 volts to his welder.  He knew the cables would be laying on his work shop floor so he installed a cable cover.  Since his purchase we have added a Leather Cable Cover to the WA Technology product line, CHECK IT OUT.


When not in use he covers the welder to keep it clean.  Note the fire extinguisher and neatness of the area to maintain a safe working environment.


Perry sent these pictures emailed and said;


" The system works great.  Thanks for the professional service and a great product."

Want a 50 foot Gas Saver System like Perry? Perry ordered a custom hose with a splice fitting on one end and a standard CGA  fitting on the welder end.  We can supply  any  of  these  options.   Just Email:                                                                                                                                                 TechSupport@NetWelding.com     Or EMAIL a question.


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