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Calculate Your Shielding Gas Waste


How Long Can You Wait to Reduce Your Shielding Gas Waste??

Argon Prices have more than doubled in 2014/15! PRAXAIR raised Argon Prices in July 2016, for a total of 35% in the year. AIR PRODUCTS raised Argon Prices 20% October 2016. Argon is in short supply, it's less than 1% of the air so new gas liquefaction plants cannot be justified until Oxygen demand increases.   

Isn't it time to reduce waste?  

There are simple ways to calculate how much shielding gas your wasting.  Our customers find that by using our low cost patented products they reduce total gas use by 40 to 50% (or more) while improving weld start quality.  Welders appreciate the benefits and don't feel constrained by devices that limit their ability to make quality welds and often save little gas!


Two published articles by knowledgeable welding authorities indicate the average MIG user consumes from 2 1/2 to 6 times the amount of shielding gas they should.  We have found similar values.




You can calculate your gas waste using a simple approach. 


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Want to know how our Gas Saver System (GSS) can cut your gas usage in half while improving weld starts?

What Are Gas Costs as a Percent of Total Weld Cost? 



What % of Total Welding Cost is Shielding Gas?

It Could Be as High as 30%!!

The method often used to calculate shielding gas cost does not consider gas waste ! 

Using a theoretical use calculation with 30 to 40 CFH  gives erroneous results.  SEE WHY



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