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Lock Most Model Flowmeter Settings with Patented WAT-FRLL

Truck Box Mfg. Saves 63% with Gas Saver System-Improves Start Quality

Production Results

Improve Quality of Weld Starts

Published Article " A Solution for Welding Shielding Gas Waste."

 Estimated Payback for Gas Saver System Purchase 

50% Gas Savings at "Double A Body Builders"  

Welding Schools

Great Savings Idea for 

 Big savings if you use a Spool Gun

Technical Reasons for Gas Waste

Sales Literature

Calculating Gas Waste

High Pressure is a "Good Thing." Purchase Training Information
Installing GSS Min and Max Flow Rates

Video Presentation of the Gas Saver System

Car Buffs: See tie with our Street Rod

Shielding Gas Consulting Services

Shield Gas Cost as % Total Weld Cost

About the Company

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