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Published Articles Say MIG Users Waste 60 to 80% of their Shielding Gas!!  


Storage Box Manufacturer Reduces Gas Waste by 63%

A Texas  manufacturer of truck storage boxes welded 236 doors with their standard gas delivery hose and one cylinder of shielding gas.  By simply installing our Gas Saver System  and a new cylinder they welded 632 doors before it was empty!  That is 2.7 times more parts.  DETAILS

These savings were accomplished with the same gas flow rate and without altering the pressures so automatic flow compensation was maintained .  WHY  HIGH PRESSURE IS A "GOOD THING."

6 Foot Delivery Hose Can Still Save 25 to 40+% Shielding Gas


A manufacturer using robot welders fabricating automotive exhausts, measured 25 to 40+% shielding gas savings with only a 6 foot  Gas Saver System.

The controlled amount of shielding gas provided at the weld start by the Gas Saver System can eliminate the need for preflow.  It also maintains gas delivery pressure and therefore automatic flow compensation, critical to Robotic Welding.   Details


PURCHASING AGENTS--Tired of rising shielding gas prices?

Here is an approach to cut your use and improve quality:

F..See above for documentation of typical gas waste.

F..See this page to estimate waste in your shop.

F..Typical calculations for shielding gas use are based on a false assumption--See Why.

F..Has your shop tried devices to reduce waste that were not successful?  We're not surprised.  See Why in This Production Example.

F. Want a Guide that Summarizes the Steps Needed to Define Your Gas Losses and Take the Action to Reduce Gas Waste? 

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Our Patented*System Can Save MIG Shielding Gas (25%, 50% or More**) While Improving Weld Start Quality 

Simply replace the shielding gas delivery hose from cylinder or pipeline gas supply to the wire feeder with our inexpensive, hose system. 






Set the maximum flow rate you wish to allow. 


Fits most popular flowmeters and regulator- flowmeters. 



One Page Summary of Gas Saver System

"New" Free Download

Calculator allows you to estimate the annual savings achieved by installing our Gas Saver System.

Simply insert values from your operation and the results are automatically displayed.  Give it a try.    (Note: You may need a spreadsheet program installed on your computer)

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 "Lean Welding Manufacturing Tools"  Learning Program

"Optimizing Shielding Gas Use and Eliminating Waste"


7 Module training program for the welding foreman, lead welder or engineer.


Provides information to understand the problems associated with gas waste.


Discusses checking gas flow rates at the welding torch and entering feeder.


Example shows ways the data can be recorded and maintained.


Each Module has a short Quiz


Want a full explanation of what's included?


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"NEW" Product for Asia where gas waste may be even higher than in the USA!

A Gas Saving Device That Optimizes Starting is Available for Asia, South America and Europe.

It fits any length hose and is useful in shipyards where long gas delivery hoses are employed.

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Published Article: " A Solution for Welding Shielding Gas Waste." Improve Quality of Weld Starts
Video Presentation of the Gas Saver System


Gas Saver System

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If using Pipeline gas supply what Corrections In Flowmeter Readings Are Needed for Pressure Changes?



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**You could  save over $1000 per year per welder and improve your weld starts with Payback measured in weeks!!