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bullet Holley Carb
bulletDouble Pumper
bulletVacuum Secondary
bullet Holley Fuel Level
bulletAir Fuel Meter
bulletCarb References
bullet Spark Plugs
bullet Keep Cool
bulletHeat Out
bulletIgnition Timing
bulletCooling References
bullet Exhaust System
bullet Headers
bullet Nitrous Addition
bullet Details of 1934 Pro Street
bullet Building A Street Rod-Details
bullet Wiring Details
bulletDash Extension
bullet Transmission Tunnel
bulletStereo Wall
bulletBuilding Body
bulletOther Features
bulletOther Fabrications
bulletSpark Plugs
bulletStreet Rod Vendors
bullet Check Out Mayor's Trophy Won in Darlington SC!!
bullet High Performance Electric Car
bullet Rat Rod
bullet Porsche Cayenne
bullet Reports Vette Info
bullet Details Vette Info
bullet Garage Floor Tile vs Epoxy
bullet S10 Pick-up
bullet S-10 Exhaust and Intake
bullet Cars, Tires and Wheels
bullet 12 pound Bass
bullet Hydraulic Engineering
bulletSave Gasoline
bulletGasoline Energy Wasted
bullet Energy Recover Hot Rod Style
bullet Energy Recovery F1 Style
bulletPorsche Flywheel Energy Storage Racer
bulletPorsche 918 Spyder
bullet Ethanol Alternative to Gasoline
bulletElectric Sports Car
bulletHydrogen Fuel Cell Car



Save over $1000 per year per welder and improve weld starts with Payback measured in weeks!!
* US Patent  # 6,610,957;  "Welding Shielding Gas Saver Device" August 26, 2003;  Canadian Patent # 2,455,644.  
 The "Flow Rate Limiter" device is covered by 2008 US patent # 7,462,709.  Other site material may be covered under Patents # 7,015,412; # 7,019,248 or # 8,104,094
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