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Is that a "Kit Car?"  A question occasionally asked at Car Shows.  After bristling just a bit; if it's a neophyte asking I give the answer--"Well not really, I have over 1000 hours in construction and assembly myself and there were no instructions on how to assemble!"  I do not bother to tell them I have at least that many hours in the engineering phase of the car!  Engineering?  Yes that is what it takes to have a finished product that has excellent, as designed, performance; a reasonable ride; is safe; the interior that is functional etc etc.

Engineering and Building a Street Rod is made much easier with the many Vendors Who Make Excellent Parts.  Your Job is to find them!

It is best to research Potential Vendors by going to car shows and asking owners about what they used and how they solved problems.  Reviewing the magazine adds is a good addition.  Visiting potential Vendors or distributors at car shows is also a big help. 

Don't have the time to learn these skills needed to engineer a street rod and do the required research?  Then don't buy a car that is a "kit car."  There are some firms that provide a paint by the numbers product that is, at best, mediocre when finished (if it ever gets completed!)  You'll be far happier and money ahead by purchasing a car built by someone who is skilled.  Typically they sell for far less than they cost.  I always get a chuckle when Barrett Jackson has a Street Rod designed and built by Chip Foose and the announcer says it: "sells for a remarkable $150,000!!"  However that Oakland Roadster Show winner cost the owner about $500,000!  Yep, even Chip Foose can't sell cars for what it cost him to produce--it's a labor of love and satisfaction of building your vision (or in Chip's case a business building cars for guys with big bucks!!)

The following is a list of some of the Vendors who were used for this 1934 Ford ProStreet:



TCI Pro Street

Steering Column & Wheel

Billet Specialties

Steering Linkage


15 Gal Custom Gas Tank

Rock Valley

Speed Brake Bleeder


Wiring (Custom and)



Gibbon Fiberglass

1934 Commercial SS Headlights w/ Parking Light


Tail lights

Vintique ’34 Cowl Lights Converted

Mirrors Inside & Out

Valley Auto Accessories

High Power Tail Light Bulbs

Wire Works

Rear Back-up & Fog Lights

Mini-Fog Lights (Autozone)

Roll Bar Parts

S&W Race Cars

Front SS Nerf Bars (My Design)

Custom Fab by Randy Stone

SS Bumper, Brackets & Spreader

Rock Valley

Wiring Kit

Painless & Custom

Custom Wires, Relays, Fuse Panels

Radio Shack, J.C. Whitney

Wiper & Window Systems

Specialty Power Windows


Big Al's


Optima Yellow Top

Oval Dome Light

Phillips Rod & Custom

Inside Door Latch release & Knobs

Watson’s StreetWorks

Safety Door Latches


Seats & Brackets


Aluminum Door Sills

Valley Auto Accessories

Shoulder Harness


Grill Bug Screen

Wardlow Kustom Masks

Alarm Systems



Auto Interior Specialist, Sumter, SC


ZZ502/502 Chevy


Holly 850 Double Pumper

Air & Alternator Mount


Aluminum Pulleys


Ignition & Rev Limiter

Mallory HyFire 3 RLi

140 amp Aluminum Alternator


15 inch Aluminum Engine Fan

Flex-a-lite Race Fan

Nitrous System

NOS “Cheater” 250 HP

Air Cleaner

Edelbrock & 5 inch K&N

Full Length Headers

Sanderson Headers

Custom Hose Fittings


SS Braded Hose


3 inch SS Exhaust, Pipes & Mufflers


Engine  & Trans. Dip-Sticks


Electric Fuel Pump

Holley Blue w/K&N Filter



Aluminum Radiator


Electric Fans (Front of Rad.)

10 in. & 8 in. Perma-Cool

Stainless Rad. Hose

Summitt Branded

Air Conditioning


Main Unit

Vintage Air

Oval Air Ducts

Phillips Rod & Custom

Hose Bracket

Made from 1 inch Aluminum

Bulkhead & Hose Fittings

Vintage Air


Dakota Digital

Dash Toggle Switches

ESAB & Radio Shack

Fuel Gage Sender

Dakota Digital

Trans Gear Indicator

Dakota Digital

Ignition & Misc. Switches

Watson’s Street Works


Centerline Warrior 15X7 Front & 15X12 Rear

Rear Tires

Mickey Thompson 16.5x31

Front Tires

Firestone 225x15X60R

Wheel Lugs



TH400 by Custom Transmissions, Florence SC

Shifter & Emergency Brake


Aluminum Trans Pan

Yearwood Speed & Custom

Stereo "Wall"


CD Player


AM/FM Receiver


Four 2 inch Tweeters


Two 6 ½ inch Speakers


Two 600 Watt Amps


10 inch Woofer


Electronic Antenna

Dakota Digital

This Ad Helps Bring You  Free Information on Welding Race Cars & Street Rods

Have a Welder?   Improve Weld Starts and Have Shielding Gas Cylinder Last at Least Twice as Long! 

Note: Our Patented GSS is Not Available in "Stores"

A home shop fabricator in Georgia with a Miller TM 175 amp welder purchased a 50 foot Gas Saver System ( GSSTM ) so he could use a larger cylinder and mount it on the wall of his shop.  He wrote:

"The system works great.  Thanks for the professional service and a great product."   Click To See His Home Shop


A Professional Street Rod Builder Had This to Say:

With their standard MIG welder gas delivery hose the peak shielding flow at weld start was measured at 150 CFH. That caused air to be sucked into the gas stream causing poor weld starts.  With the GSS replacing their existing hose, the peak flow surge at the weld start was about 50 CFH.  Total gas use was cut in half.

Kyle Bond, President, quickly saw the improvement achieved in weld start quality as a significant advantage!   Kyle, an excellent automotive painter, was well aware of the effects of gas surge caused by pressure buildup in the delivery hose when stopped.  He has to deal with the visible effects in the air hose lines on the spray gun in his paint booth!  The paint surge is visible and creates defects unless the gun is triggered off the part being painted!  We can’t do that with our MIG gun!


To see  information on building this ProStreet '34 Click on the link below:

Details of the 1934 Pro Street Rod