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Engineering a 1934 Pro Street Street Rod



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Miscellaneous Fabricated Parts

Nerf Bars

These solid stainless Nerf Bars were designed from an old Hot Rod Magazine photo.  This pattern was made and a friend, Randy Stone, plasma cut them from 1/2 inch stainless using his CNC cutting machine.

Nerf Bars (cont.)

The final cut pieces were polished by a company who re-chromes bumpers.  They have the large wheels necessary to do this job efficiently.  Holes were drilled and they mounted in the '34 frame rails

Tail Lights

To keep the fenders free and smooth the tail lights were mounted on the stainless bumper.  Stainless '34 Ford repo Cowl Lamps were converted to stop lights.  Because the brackets are angled as is the bumper location, a special shape was needed.

These are the parts plasma cut by hand from 1/8 Stainless.


Tail Lights (cont.)

After welding the cut pieces together, all seams were ground smooth.  After hand polishing, the tail lamp assembly was mounted on the bumper brackets. 

Tail Lights (cont.)

A small 55 watt amber fog lamp was mounted underneath as a back-up light.  They are also used as rear fog lamps when needed.  They make the car very visible when driving at night.

Brake Spring

After switching from the silicon brake fluid supplied with the chassis, the spongy peddle was eliminated.  However the peddle was not returning fully.  TCI indicated a return spring may be needed.  Using a stainless washer, and S hook, a light spring was attached from the peddle arm to the frame.  Works great.

Harness Stops

To keep the Simpson Shoulder Harnesses from sliding on the roll bar brace, these aluminum stops were fabricated.  These donut sections were cut with abrasive water jet, then saw cut in half, recesses were added and threaded for stainless Allen bolts.

Harness Stops (cont.)

This is one of the finished "Stops" in place showing the polished finish.  The recessed Allen bolt head is visible.

Hose Bracket

A three piece hose bracket was fabricated from 1 inch aluminum to support heater and air-conditioning hoses. It mounts to hood brace and lightly clamps 4 hoses.  It is shown before the Freon hoses were added.


Garage Floor (Click to See Page)

Spent lots of time on my back while building the Street Rod! Covered floor was a big help! Instead of epoxy,  used 1/8 inch thick tile (Lowes).    Less work than epoxy, not subject to peeling. No acid wash, just a dry clean surface needed. 


Free Information on Welding Race Cars & Street Rods

Have a Welder?   Improve Weld Starts and Have Shielding Gas Cylinder Last at Least Twice as Long! 

Note: Our Patented GSS is Not Available in "Stores"

A home shop fabricator in Georgia with a Miller TM 175 amp welder purchased a 50 foot Gas Saver System ( GSSTM ) so he could use a larger cylinder and mount it on the wall of his shop.  He wrote:

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A Professional Street Rod Builder Had This to Say:

With their standard MIG welder gas delivery hose the peak shielding flow at weld start was measured at 150 CFH. That caused air to be sucked into the gas stream causing poor weld starts.  With the GSS replacing their existing hose, the peak flow surge at the weld start was about 50 CFH.  Total gas use was cut in half.

Kyle Bond, President, quickly saw the improvement achieved in weld start quality as a significant advantage!   Kyle, an excellent automotive painter, was well aware of the effects of gas surge caused by pressure buildup in the delivery hose when stopped.  He has to deal with the visible effects in the air hose lines on the spray gun in his paint booth!  The paint surge is visible and creates defects unless the gun is triggered off the part being painted!  We can’t do that with our MIG gun!


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