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2017 Grand Sport, (7 Speed Standard Shift with Rev Match)- Last Vette Series with Standard Shift!
Arctic White
2LT Adrenaline Red Interior
, (HUD, Premium Bose Sound System w/Subwoofer, Front & Rear Camera, Magetic Ride Control, Exhaust Sound Control w/Speed, Heated/Cooled Seats, Dry Sump)

8000 Miles, Original 77 year old owner! Never Tracked, raced or abused. Mint condition with April 2017 Delivery Date. Still months left on GM warranty.


OEM Extra's: Carbon Fiber, Painted Carbon Flash Aero Option (full side skirts and splitter); Machined Faced Wheels, Red Calipers: MSRP = $76,480

Extras Added with Non-Installed Cost: Rear Diffuser (Pic above $725); aFe Low Restricion Lifetime filter ($495); Scrape Armore Splitter Protector ($500); Carbotech Low Dust Brake Pads ($445); Escort Radar Detector ($525); Soler Trottle Body ($445); MGW Shifter ($435); GM 3LT Red Upper Dash Pad ($385); Engine Visual accesories ($360); GM MRC Sotware Upgrade ($350; Splash Guards, Front and Rear ($235); NovaTech Streach Bra & Mirror Covers ($200); Stage 3 Spiter Winlets ($175); (other minor, i.e. plsu florr matts = TOTAL, $5920

November Black Book Published Price $56,000 + 75% of OEM Options Not Shown = $60,931
Included 60% of Extra's Added = $3550

Total Value $64,480: MAKE OFFER

For DIY Vette Owners

The following "Details" are for  "Reports" on accessories, modifications, installation and general information.  There are many shown for the C7 Corvette

CLICK TO SEE a list and photos of all items

and some additional info available as free PDF downloads

Skid Support Protector; SSP

The scraping noise heard when driving over even a small dip out of a driveway makes you cringe!  That is the bottom of the Skid Support Assembly hitting the ground. 

There are several devices sold to help.  Some use a wheel cantilevered to one side of the support.  However you must drill a 3/8 inch hole in a support that is only about twice that thickness.  The wheels also stick down so far you'll be lifting the front even more.  There are also skid plates sold that apparently fit a C5 but you would have to cut some of the air deflectors to make it fit a C6.  In addition, the way they attach doesn't look like it will be loaded in a way that will keep it in position. 

Made "Protectors" from 3/16 inch thick aluminum and screwed them to the bottom of the Skid Support.  Let the "Protectors" scrape the ground!  Found a much better product made of very rugged plastic FANGS, that is much better than my aluminum fix!  Go to Reports Page to Download


Dual Mode Exhaust Switch

Corvette Exhaust Switch Z06 & NPPFor Z06 and 2008 and later C6's with NPP Option.  A switch to turn this function on and off when you want is a must.  If nothing else, to hear the gurgling and popping when backing off at low speeds!  The stock system closes the butterflies below ~3000 RPM depending on year and model.  With a switch you're in control!

We found a place to put the switch that is hidden from view, easily and readily accessible while driving and requires drilling one small hidden hole!  If you want to return to stock a small black rubber plug will go unnoticed (but anyone buying the Corvette will want this feature-even a purest!) The PDF shows step by step construction with photos including how we made the hidden switch holder etc.  There is no need to go to the fuse panel in the engine compartment, the fuse that operates the Dual Mode Exhaust on both Z06 and 2008 and later NPP option is in front of the passenger foot well.  No alterations of the panel or wiring required, just plug in an “Add-a- Circuit” the way we show and crimp on the proper size wires to an Off-0n Switch.   Routing the wires is a snap since your not going very far and none pass through the firewall etc.  Just tuck them in the console.  The design maintains the 10 amp fuse and draws no current when the car is off.

Using The Switch Is A Great Way To Increase Gas Mileage!

No it's not the improvement from lower exhaust restriction, doubt if that is measurable!  It's the fact that when you hear the exhaust noise and the burbling when you decelerate at low speeds you only need to go slow!  Seriously, I have found that I do not put my foot to the floor as often when I have the exhaust opened.  No need to get to 3000 rpm to get the great sound.  In fact if you want you could use lower octane gas and if you keep your foot out of the throttle and keep rpm's high so your not lugging the engine it may not even have to detune itself to the 87 octane program!  Yes it does have such a program and detecting a slight knock it will revert to reduced timing, for a least a short time! Go to Reports Page

Want More Information on Ways of Saving Gasoline?


Radar Detector, Visor Mount

If you want your radar detector out of the way, the best place to install it is with a clip on the passenger visor (for ones that have a clip to accomindate that approach. My new ESCORT Passport Max does not.)  The added benefit of that location is you can connect to the 12V power available at the passenger side mirror power.   Very little wire is visible and none from outside of the car.  That power is only on when the car is on.  If you use the cigarette lighter and a windshield mount the power is always on and if you leave connected for a week a dead battery might greet you!  Mounting on the visor makes it difficult to see from outside the car!

The "Report" includes  wiring instructions and routing information which keeps the fuse and wires hidden.  However there are some tricks. Our detector for the C6 Corvette was a Passport 9500ix with GPS and Red Light/Speed Camera alerts-great product!  Called Escort the maker of Passport and the representative indicated the "non metal roof" in the Vette will allow the detector to pick up the GPS satellite signal without it having to be mounted on the windshield-he was right!  Purchased their 10 foot extension ($10 option) since it has the wire phone plug and an inline fuse.  

Go to Reports Page For The Install on a 2014 C7 and Grand Sport

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