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Download Free PDF's of Our Gas Saver Patents and Email for Details

Patents are designed to teach.  A 20 year "monopoly" is granted to encourage and reward Research and Development for inventing new products that advance society.  But you must clearly tell folks what the product does, how it works and how it can be made when the patent expires.  There is a lot that can be learned from reading a patent.   Most of it is written in plain English - unlike the claims which have a lot of "legalese!"

Get free copies (as published by the US Patent Office) of our four shielding gas saving / weld quality improvement patents:

  1. Gas Saver System Patent (Click to Download)

  2. Gas Saver Patents for Long Gas Delivery Hoses (shipyards, construction sites, etc)  Want a summary of these two patents with an explanation of where the product can be used?  Click to send an email with your application details and location.

  3. Flow Rate Limiter Patent for Use with Flowmeters (Click to Download)



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