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Published articles show the average MIG welder uses over 5 times the amount of shielding gas necessary (See References).  Much of this is due to the large excess gas flow surge that occurs at the weld start.  This excess flow not only wastes gas  it also pulls moisture laden air into the gas stream.  This entrained air produces inferior weld starts with  excess spatter and possibly weld porosity.   Some gas waste may also be due to welders setting excess flow rates which can also pull air into the shielding gas stream for the weld duration.

When using Carbon Dioxide (CO2) shielding wasting 80% of the amount of  gas used unnecessarily wastes money and increases this "greenhouse gas" escaping into the atmosphere.      For one average industrial MIG welder the excess over what is needed can exceed 150,000 ft3 (CF) of  CO2 per year.  That's over 16,000 pounds (8 Tons!) of wasted CO2 per welder per year!  (See Calculation Details)


China Wastes 4 Million Tons of Welding CO2/Year Check it out!

See Tulsa Welding School Web Site Showing:

There are Many Ways Welders Help Make Things Green:

Welders Play an Important Role in Green Technology :

Welders Making an Effort to be Green Themselves:


How Much CO2 is in the Air?

Currently there is about 0.035 % CO2 in the air.  That compares to 0.025 % to 0.028 % estimated to exist before the Industrial Revolution.  Therefore if we wanted to go back to Pre-Industrial Revolution Levels we'd have to remove 0.01 % from the air!  Interesting technical papers by Lacker, Grimes, Ziock and others indicates CO2 can be captured using chemicals such as Calcium Hydroxide, Calcium Silicate or Magnesium Silicate.

Whatever you think about this issue,  it makes sense to save 50 to 60% of the welding CO2 shielding gas being used (wasted) just as a matter of economics!  With thousands in use, our patented Gas Saver System and Flow Rate Limiter have proven success and are inexpensive with payback measured in months or less!  You'll also get better weld starts by avoiding pulling moisture laden air into the weld start area!

Using Argon Shielding? 

When using Argon  shielding gas your still adding to  "Greenhouse Gases."  Production of Argon is very energy intensive.  Significant power is required to compress and liquefy air to extract the ~ 0.9 % Argon it contains.  It fact it can not be done economically unless producers can sell the Nitrogen and Oxygen which are 99 % of the air! 

Quoting a Universal Industrial Gases, Inc internet source;  "The cost of electricity is the largest single operating cost incurred in air separation plants.  Power cost is usually between one third and two thirds of the total cost of producing gas and liquid products. Large liquid plants may consume tens of thousands of Kilowatts per hour."

Currently 71% of the US production of electricity is being produced by burning coal, oil or natural gas with CO2 a product of this combustion (See Pie Chart.)

Another significant fossil fuel energy use occurs when the shielding gas is transported in trucks to a fabricator.  When purchasing Argon in high pressure cylinders 150 pounds of steel must be  transported for 30 pounds (330 CF) of Argon!  CO2 cylinders are a somewhat more efficient to distribute.  Since a liquid is being transported, 135 pounds of steel  moves 64 pounds (560 CF) of CO2

Empty Argon or CO2 cylinders must also be returned for refilling!

Bulk gas is more efficient to transport (113 CF Argon/gallon) but still requires the use of a truck powered currently by carbon based fuels. 

In addition to significant Argon price increases, now Helium is in short supply. Seems a Helium plant due to come on stream in Algeria is delayed.  US Sources are also having difficulties keeping up with demand.  Unlike Argon which is ~ 0.9% of the air, Helium is a limited world wide resource.  Most of the Helium in the "Universe" was created during the "Big Bang" with a small amount generated in stars!  We obtain Helium as a by product in natural gas production.   Why not extract it from the air where all that is used ultimately goes?  Because it is so light it escapes the earths atmosphere and goes into outer space!  Shortages and allocation are predicted.  If your using any amount of Helium for welding the payback for our Gas Saver System is a "Just Do It" no-brainer!  See what a Praxair Executive told a industrial gases and welding distributor organization about the Helium shortage.

Our Gas Saver Products Can Help Cut Shielding Gas Use by 50% or More! 

You Can Help the Environment, Save Energy While Saving Shielding Gas Cost and Improving Weld Quality




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