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Wire Solutions

The "WIRE" itself may be the source of feeding problems.

These are some of the possible PROBLEMS and our DRY WIPETM and





Item/ Photo

Wire gets dirt, metal grinding dust, gouging particles etc on the surface.  This carries into the  Torch wire liner causing high friction and clogging. Our MUD FLAPTM is a simple inexpensive solution.  It's shown on the right covering a wire spool.  It also works with coils.  Click on Photo to see how to install.

"Grinding Dust," etc Continued

The MUD FLAP can be used even with feeders where the spool or coil is positioned at a 15 degree angle as shown on photo on right.
Wire is not aligned with feed roll or feed roll tension to high.  Flakes of copper appearing material are under the feed rolls. If the proper alignment and tension are set but flakes of copper appearing material are still present, see the Mystery of Magnetic Copper by Click
Wire is "Dirty or has Copper Flakes" when taken out of the box. The wire may have excess "Wire Drawing Lubricant" right from the manufacturing process.  See  "Wire Dirt Test," Click
"Dirty Wire" is causing the MIG gun wire liner to clog quickly. Our DRY WIPETM SYSTEM can help clean excess wire drawing lubricant or excess "Feed Aid" from the wire. 

Photo right shows  Dry Wipe Holder being installed by inserting wire through hole in base.

"Dirty Wire"


DRY WIPE slipped on wire using slit in WIPE.

"Dirty Wire"


DRY WIPE inserted in HOLDER and put in place against wire inlet.

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