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Published Articles Say MIG Users Waste 60 to 80% of the Shielding Gas They Use!!   CHECK REFERENCES  

If your making many tack welds and short welds you can exceed that amount!  The gas surge at the start of every weld is not only wasting gas it's pulling air Into the shielding gas stream making inferior start.

Check Out What A Street Rod Builder Says About The Gas Saver System

Race Car Builders and Home Users Make Many Short Welds and Tack Welds So They Often Can Get Three Times The Number of Welds Per Gas Cylinder While Controlling the Weld Start Gas Surge - Improving Weld Quality


What Can You Do to Reduce Gas Waste and Improve Starts?

Our Patented Gas Saver System Solves A Major Cause of the Problem. 

Overview of Gas Saver System

Have a 110 volt Input MIG (Wire) Welder?  Check out how to save with a larger gas cylinder.

Home Shop User Saves with 50 Foot Gas Saver System



Gas Savings by Truck Box Manufacturer

See What a Body Fabricator Has to Say

Car Buffs: See Tie with Our Street Rod

Video Presentation of the Gas Saver System



Gas Saving




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Welding Math

Note: Thanks to those "Car Crazy" folks who have purchased the Gas Saver System and commented on the improved starts and reduced gas usage they have achieved. 

Many purchased our 6 foot prefitted GSS, Part Number WAT FB6, or a 3 foot or 4 foot prefitted GSS, Part Numbers WAT-FB3 and FB4,


Cut Your Shielding Gas Use by 50% and Improve Weld Starts!  Click Here.

A small shop fabricator in Georgia with a Miller TM 175 amp welder purchased a 50 foot Gas Saver System so he could use a larger cylinder and mount it on the wall of his shop.  He wrote:


"The system works great.  Thanks for the

professional service and a great product."


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