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Three Published Technical Articles Help Define the Benefits of Our Patented Gas Saver System


AWS Journal April 2007



 Welding Magazine February 2007

A Solution for Weld Shielding Gas Waste

From: Trailer Body Builders Magazine

 Double A Body Builders reduces welding shielding gas use by 50% with patented Gas saver System

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Additional Published Articles Discuss

Our Shielding Gas Saving Products


How to Reduce MIG Shielding Gas Usage

From: Trailer Body Builders Magazine

The average welder wastes 4.5 to 9 tons of CO2 per year

Three reasons define why.


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Texas Fabricator Reduces MIG Shielding Gas Waste

From: Trailer Body Builders Magazine

Texas Hydraulics stops welders setting excessive welding shielding gas flow rates with inexpensive patented product


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The Following is a Summary of the Article in the AWS Journal


An article was published in the American Welding Society's (AWS) April Welding Journal (page 22) with the above title.

It defined what "Automatic Gas Flow Control was all about.  As stated, the pressure upstream of the flow control must be a minimum of 25 psi to have this feature.  That is why MIG welding gas supply systems have been set at this pressure or higher from the inception of MIG welding.  Recently some "low pressure" devices have been introduced in attempt to solve shielding gas waste due to starting surge.  These systems do not maintain flow.  As stated in the article variations in flow of up to 65% were measured with such systems.  It also suggests ways are available to retain "Automatic Flow Control" while reducing shielding gas waste.

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CLICK HERE to see the actual flow test results of standard systems compared to a commercially sold "low pressure system that mounts at the feeder.



"Welding Magazine" summarized the benefits of our Gas Saver System in their February issue.  An item not mentioned was we maintain the pressure in the system to provide automatic flow compensation for the inevitable restrictions that occur in production due to spatter accumulation, twisted torch cables etc.   A minimum of 25 psi (SEE WHY)  is needed to achieve this feature so with any reasonable restrictions flow remains at the preset level. 

Also our surge restrictor is sized to "only" effect the peak flow when starting by keeping it below about 80 CFH which improves weld start quality.  It "does not" control or effect the steady state flow set by the welder. Welders appreciate the benefit!

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